Broken Wings


Him: may alam akong pampainit.. Haha xD
Ako: ano naman yan kalokohan mo
Him: suntukan tayo pampainit yun! Haha
Ako: sige. Pagnatalo ka, akin kana.
Him: at pagnanalo ko?
Ako: edi sayo nako!
Him: papatalo nako. XD
Ako: ay gaya gaya.

Nyenye. Usapang baliw na naman kami. Nahanap ko na talaga katapat ko. Meant to be kami. Hanep.


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New AVATAR. meow meow. :3

New AVATAR. meow meow. :3

elmaemo: Thanks for the followback. :) Hope we'll be friends :)

welcome! :)) oo naman! hi friend! :))

Yung sweldo ko parang si crush.. Dumaan lang! :/

If Jesus doesn’t go with me, I don’t want to go.

Lord, take me from what I know is comfortable, to what you know is good; take from me what you know is filth, and fill me with what you know is holy; teach me the right way, and show me the truth, so that I may be a willing and humble servant. Use me, shape me, edify me, and do as You will, for I am broken and bent, but you are straight and whole. You are perfect, and you see me as I was always meant to be; so remind me again and again, that Your love is steadfast, and that when I do not feel it, it still remains.

Hear this prayer, and may it be a sweet sound to Your ears, just as You are a sweet name to our lips. I long for the day that I see Your face, and I know that You have longed to hold me in Your arms and wipe away my tears; may that day come soon, and may Your glory never be forgotten.

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Yung antok na antok ka na, pero di mo magawang matulog kasi kausap mo pa sya. →


Someday, you’ll gonna look for that person who truly cared for you. You’ll finally realize their worth. Surely, you’re gonna miss them always being there for you, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you.You’ll miss that person who did everything for you and you just took that person for…

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Walang anuman. :3 goodeve! :’)

  • Him: You promised me that you will never give up on me, on us.
  • Her: I did. Since that moment, I tried really hard to keep it. I did all the things I could to not get tired of being treated like I am an option; or from making me feel like there will always be someone who can easily take my place. I did all that I can to not dwell on the pain that you are causing me -- from ignoring me when all I want is your attention to making me feel that I am not appreciated and loved. We've seen better days and I used to pray that they all last for a lifetime. But they don't. They are just fleeting moments. I disregard all my concerns about going for what I deserve because I don't want to leave you. I loved you too much to do that. I put aside my happiness because pursuing it means letting you go. I've shown you and made sure you are aware that you are not just one star, you are the whole constellation. Getting to keep you had been my ultimate goal. I know I promised that I won't give up ever. I'm sorry. A relationship takes two people in order to work. Both should be able to learn how to give and take. Both should fight for each other, not with each other. I am only as human as you are. I get tired too, no matter how much I try not to. I've had enough. All this time I have done my part just to keep my promise. And all this time you are too blind to see it.
  • Staying in love with someone even you're not sure if you can be together in the future is like standing in the rain. You know you're gonna be sick but you still there because it feels great.

Kung may nakikita kang dahilan para sumuko, huwag mo na lang isipin at tingnan.

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